Bardia Public School

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Artist impression of upgrade to Bardia PS.

Image: Artist render (indicative only) of upgrade to Bardia Public School.

Project overview


We are planning an upgrade to the Bardia Public School (formerly Ingleburn North Public School) to accommodate the projected enrolment growth in and around Edmondson Park and Ingleburn.

The project objective is to increase the school's capacity to 1000 students which will involve the construction of brand new facilities, these include:

  • 44 new classrooms (including 4 special education classrooms) designed around a 21st-century teaching and learning environment
  • a new hall
  • a library 
  • covered outdoor learning areas 
  • games court and playing field.

The existing school will remain operational while the new school is being constructed. Once the new building is completed, students will move into the new school and the existing school will be demolished, making way for:

  • a full sized sports field
  • basketball court
  • additional outdoor learning areas.

There are two main construction stages:

Stage 1 – construction of the new main school building.

Stage 2 – demolition of the old school and construction of the playing field and games court.

A clear separation between the construction site and existing school will be maintained throughout the project, with the health and safety of staff students being a priority. A safety fence will divide the existing school and construction site to ensure staff and students cannot access the work site.





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