Russell Lea Public School


View from corner of Lithgow and Whittall Street

View from corner of Lithgow and Whittall Street

Image: Artist impression of the view from the corner of Lithgow and Whittall Street.

Aerial view from Potter St to north facade.

Potter St to North Facade


Image: Aerial view from Potter Street to north facade.

Artist impression of the view from NW towards COLA

View from NW towards COLA

Image: Artist impression of the view from the north-west towards to the covered outdoor area.

Project overview


We are currently in planning to upgrade Russell Lea K-3 Public School into a new K-6 public school that will provide a future focused, flexible learning environment. The new school will be located where the existing school buildings are positioned. The design is for a new building set over three levels which responds to the sloping topography and natural features of the site, in particular retaining the mature trees and landscaped playgrounds.

The new building will contain 24 new classrooms, a library, school administration area, canteen and a communal hall which will open out to a multi-function covered assembly and play area. The key drivers for the project are:

  • To provide an environmentally sustainable learning and working environment that is inspiring and supportive for students and teachers.
  • To provide teaching areas that are flexible and aid in a variety of teaching practices.
  • To allow well-connected internal, external and incidental teaching spaces.
  • To develop a new building and landscape that "teaches" and is in itself a learning tool.
  • To provide agile and appropriate technology solutions to teaching and other spaces.

A Project Reference Group (PRG) meets regularly to review the proposed designs and discuss the future operation of the school. Information sessions have been held with teaching staff on the requirements of the new building, and will continue throughout the design process to ensure the designs meet the school's objectives.

A preferred concept and schematic design have been completed and agreed upon in accordance with the key drivers set out above.

We are currently in the detailed design phase with the view for these designs to be completed in June 2017 and construction to commence in the second half of 2017.

Project timeframe


  • The project is anticipated to be completed at the commencement of Term 1, 2019.

How to stay informed


  • Updates and information will be published in school newsletters and on this website.
  • Information booths will continue. When available, designs will be presented and parents and students will be able to leave feedback.


For more information regarding this project, please refer to the Project updates and Community consultation pages of this website. We also invite you to attend any upcoming Information Booth dates, which will be listed here when announced.


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