Picton High School

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Project overview


Render of aerial view of Picton High School

Image: Artist render (indicative only) architectural progression of upgrade to Picton High School.

We are currently planning to redevelop the Picton High School. The key drivers for the project are:

  • increase of permanent facilities to accommodate 1500 students
  • development of a masterplan to cater to an additional 500 students
  • expansion of existing core facilities and construction of new core facilities; these include:
    • covered outdoor learning areas (COLAs)
    • library
    • administration
    • hall refurbishment
    • student/staff and support facilities
    • refurbishment of various existing buildings
    • replacement of all demountable buildings with new permanent learning facilities
    • new special education facilities
    • upgrade to existing bus and car pickup, and drop-off area to increase the safety for all users.

Consultation will be extensive with the school and broader community. A Project Reference Group (PRG) meets regularly to review the design criteria, education principles, future-focused learning and proposed design development through discussions focused on the future operation of the school. Information sessions, and department specific workshops, have been held with teaching staff and students to establish what works well now, what can be done better and the requirements of the redeveloped school. These will continue throughout the design development to ensure the result meets the school's objectives and education principles.

A business case has been developed and agreed with by the department, which defines the proposed areas to satisfy the redevelopments needs with capacity to accommodate the projected increase in enrolments.



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