NSW School of Languages

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Project overview


New site for the NSW School of Languages Image: the new NSW School of Languages located on the Petersham West TAFE site.

The NSW School of Languages (previously known as The Open High School) is a secondary distance education school offering courses in 12 languages to students in Years 9-12.

The project will relocate the school from Randwick to a fit-for-purpose facility at the current site of Petersham West TAFE.

The key drivers of this project are:

  • to improve the location of facilities in order to support projected enrolment growth at the NSW School of Languages
  • to provide facilities that will meet education and office standards
  • to provide world class distance education facilities to take advantage of available technology and better share-teaching resources with other distance education schools and communities
  • the expansion of Randwick Public School requires the site currently occupied by the NSW School of Languages to be vacated.

A Project Reference Group (PRG) was formed in early 2016 to commence the planning and design process. Meetings have been held on a monthly basis to ensure the proposed design considers the requirements of all users and meets educational needs.

A detailed design has been developed - which aligns with the key drivers and provides a much-improved experience from the current inflexible accommodation at the current NSW School of Languages site in Randwick.



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