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The Inner Sydney High School is being built on the corner of Cleveland and Chalmers Streets, Surry Hills. Cleveland Street Intensive English High School currently occupies the site. A new facility is being constructed for Cleveland Street Intensive English High School on a site already owned by the department at Alexandria.

The Cleveland and Chalmers Streets site will be redeveloped to create a new future focused high-rise school, with a mix of new and refurbished buildings. The heritage of the site is a major consideration for the design of the new school. A design excellence competition has been undertaken and Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (FJMT) have been announced as the head design consultant. The new inner Sydney high school is expected to be operational in 2020.

The new school viewed from Chalmers Street.
Artist impression: The new inner Sydney high school viewed from Chalmers Street. Credit: FJMT/Narrative

The new school viewed from Prince Alfred Park.
Artist impression: The new inner Sydney high school viewed from Prince Alfred Park. Credit: FJMT/Narrative

The new inner Sydney high school will offer:

  • facilities that are readily accessible and flexible to meet the demands of an evolving curriculum, in line with future focused learning principles
  • flexible and well connected teaching and learning spaces that enable a variety of teaching and learning practices
  • spaces that are engaging and supportive for students and teachers
  • technology-rich settings with an emphasis on mobility and flexibility
  • a healthy and environmentally sustainable environment
  • innovative, connected outdoor spaces that enable play and collaborative learning.

The works will include connected open space, creating a welcoming and accessible school with indoor and outdoor learning and teaching opportunities. No heritage buildings are proposed to be demolished as part of the redevelopment.

The new teaching spaces will incorporate principles of energy efficiency and ecologically sustainable development (ESD). This includes:

  • passive and natural ventilation
  • thermal performance and comfort
  • natural lighting.

Inner Sydney High School proposed map local area
Image: Map of the development site and surrounding areas for the new inner Sydney high school.

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