September 2016 project update

Project summary

This exciting project will deliver a new STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) focused building at Hurlstone Agricultural High School in Glenfield. The new building will include modern science laboratories and modern TAS (Technological and Applied Studies) facilities.

The new STEAM building will be state of the art.Image: Artist's impression of the proposed new STEAM building at Hurlstone Agricultural High School.

Progress update


The project team have progressed into the Schematic Design phase following the endorsement of the preferred Concept Design (‘The Hub') by the Project Reference Group (PRG).

Workshops with current Hurlstone Agricultural High School students have also taken place to encourage students to contribute their ideas, and engage with the STEAM facility design.

Key tasks for the upcoming month

  • Present the Schematic Design to the PRG for endorsement
  • Produce documentation needed for the Development Application submission to Campbelltown City Council
  • Facilitate a follow-up workshop with the Hurlstone Agricultural High School students to gather any ideas they may think of over the school holidays.


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