July 2017 project update

Progress summary


Since the last project update in June, the project team have published tender documentation for the project. The development application has been approved by the South West Planning Panel.

Conditions of consent have been agreed and the project team are in the process of finalising the closeout of the pre-commencement conditions.

Movement towards construction continues with the installation of the temporary demountable teaching accommodation, and works to relocate hydroponics and agricultural facilities within the proposed construction area now complete.

Next steps and key events

  • Contractors develop tender responses and project team develop responses to any tender queries
  • Clear out remaining furniture and equipment from redundant buildings and remove redundant teaching demountables

‘The Hub'

  • The new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) focused building will feature:
  • Additional science labs and modern Technological and Applied Studies (TAS), Visual Arts, Food & Textile facilities that are based on future-focused learning models with collaborative and flexible learning spaces
  • Proximity to existing science labs to maximise learning and teaching synergies.

View of science laboratory / teaching spaceImage: View of science laboratory / teaching space


View of internal courtyardImage: View of internal courtyard.




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