August 2016 project update

Project summary


This exciting project will deliver a new STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) focused building at Hurlstone Agricultural High School in Glenfield. The new building will include modern science laboratories and modern TAS (Technological and Applied Studies) facilities.

Progress update


Throughout July and August the project team has examined the current facilities at Hurlstone Agricultural High School and consulted with the school and the school's executive team to understand the educational requirements of the new facility.

Investigations into international and domestic best practices in STEAM facilities have also been carried out by the team. These exercises have informed the Educational Principles and Concept Design for the new STEAM building.

Major milestones for the project have been achieved in July following the endorsement by the Project Reference Group (PRG) of the Educational Principles and the preferred Concept Design, ‘The Hub'.

Proposed features of ‘The Hub'

  • Additional science labs and modern TAS, Visual Arts, Food & Textile facilities that are based on future focused learning models with collaborative and flexible learning spaces
  • Physical linkage to existing science labs to maximise learning and teaching flow.

Key tasks for the upcoming month

  • Workshop with current HAHS students to encourage their ideas and participation in the design process
  • Progress the Concept Design into the Schematic Design phase.


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