August 2016 project update

Project planning underway - August 2016

Throughout June, July and August, the project team has held initial consultation and discovery workshops with stakeholders to explore the vision for the new Hurlstone Agricultural High School (Hawkesbury) at Western Sydney University.

These initial workshops have engaged with current Hurlstone Agricultural High School students, parents, staff, Western Sydney University and Department of Education specialists in agriculture and STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) facilities. Work undertaken by the design team has informed the Education Principles and initial site masterplanning.

The first milestone has been achieved following the Education Principles endorsement by the Project Reference Group (PRG) and the presentation of the site masterplanning works for the new high school.

The following exercises were carried out by the project team to inform the masterplanning process:

  • Examination of international and domestic best practices in schools and exemplar agricultural and boarding schools
  • Initial site investigations and coordination with Western Sydney University's Masterplan
  • Review of current facilities at Hurlstone Agricultural High School in Glenfield.

Next steps and key events

  • Progress will continue into Concept Design
  • Exploring the school and boarding facility requirements in greater depth
  • Establishing further consultation workshops to inform the design process.


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