The options for the future of secondary education in Griffith

Architect impression of a futurefocussed classroomImage: Artists Impression of a new future-focussed classroom building

Griffith is a vibrant, thriving and unique city, committed to growing economic development opportunities in the region. In the coming years, it is estimated that over 1,100 new jobs will be created in the Griffith region. There will be a high demand for local graduates with critical thinking along with strong literacy and technology skills.

Our students need to leave high school with the ability to succeed in society, help build a sustainable future for the region and take hold of the opportunities offered in the local area. 

With the NSW Government's commitment of an additional $300 million into schools in regional NSW, the Griffith community has a once in a generation opportunity to develop a new model of secondary education to best position the children and young people in the region for a prosperous future.

The community will play an important role in shaping the future of secondary education in the region. Over the coming weeks there will be a series of opportunities for community members to provide their feedback on two proposals.

The Griffith consultation hub will be the primary place to access information and updates on the consultation process. You can visit the hub at

Option 1: Create a new state of the art secondary school by merging Griffith High School and Wade High School. 

artists impression of a new school buildingImage: Artists Impression of a new state of the art school classroom building

artist impression of a refurbished classroom
Image: Artists Impression of a new future-focussed classroom

The new Griffith Secondary School would include an investment of up to $25 million to build modern, future-focused teaching and learning spaces to complement refurbished existing facilities.

The new school will be informed by the latest educational research in teaching and learning. A student population of up to 1,500 would mean that students could choose from a broad range of electives and extra-curricular activities.

Teachers would have greater opportunity to teach in their area of speciality and would benefit from having larger staff faculties to foster professional development, collaboration and mentoring.

Stronger focus on learning and career pathways

  • More Years 9 and 10 electives, and HSC subjects.This means more opportunities for students to study the subjects they have an interest in and passion for.

  • Delivery of more extension HSC subjects so that students can take on more challenging subjects.

  • More vocational education subjects with a focus on hospitality and tourism to help meet the changing employment opportunities in Griffith.

  • Innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and agricultural enrichment programs in Years 7-10.

State of the Art Facilities

  • Purpose-built future focused and flexible learning spaces to support innovative teaching strategies.

  • Full WiFi and technology integration, enabling teachers to embed technology into their classroom practice.

  • Modern science laboratories and design and technology laboratories.

  • Vocational education facilities so that students will be better prepared to enter the workforce.

Greater focus on teacher professional development

  • Attraction and retention of the best teachers who will have access to the State's most modern teaching facilities.

  • More opportunities for teachers to take on leadership roles in a large rural high school.

  • Explicit professional development for all teachers.

  • Staff from the secondary college will work closely with primary schools, university and TAFE to support students as they transition through their schooling.


The Griffith Secondary School will focus on building partnerships with local industries, vocational and further education providers and the broader community. Possibilities for partnership include Griffith City Council, Griffith TAFE, local industry, Charles Stuart University and Clontarf Academy.

Option 2: Upgrade Griffith High School and Wade High School

Griffith High SchoolImage: Griffith High School

The facilities of Griffith High School and Wade High School would be upgraded and both schools would be required to work together for the benefit of students.
Upgrades across both schools would be valued at $10 million in total. 

As both schools currently have spare classrooms there would be no need for major
construction work. Improvements would focus on refurbishing existing spaces. The leadership of both schools would work together to improve opportunities for students and staff. Upgrades would commence in 2018.

Changes to educational delivery

  • Aligned timetables across multiple sites including the Aurora College.

  • Individual learning plans for students during their senior years.

  • Collaborative professional learning and development for teachers and executive.

  • Community engagement and partnerships to expand opportunities for students.

Facility upgrades

  • Refurbishment of existing teaching spaces to enable modern teaching.

  • Upgrade of technology in classrooms.

  • Upgrade of vocational education spaces.

  • Landscaping.


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