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School communities play an important role in shaping the future of education in their local regions. The NSW Government has committed an extra $300 million into schools in regional NSW, providing a once in a generation opportunity for school communities. 

In planning for the future of education in NSW, the Department will provide a series of opportunities for community members to provide feedback on proposals. 
These opportunities include:
  • Community workshops
  • On-line consultation forms
  • Briefings with community and cultural groups
  • School student workshops
  • Primary and secondary staff workshops
  • Information booths with surveys. 

Community Consultation of Secondary Education in Griffith

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Griffith is a vibrant, thriving and unique city, committed to growing economic development opportunities in the region. Our students need to leave high school with the ability to succeed in society, help build a sustainable future for the region and take hold of the opportunities offered in the local area. 
As a result of the NSW Government's "Rebuilding NSW" regional education fund, the Griffith community will be consulted on two options for the future of secondary education locally.

The Griffith consultation hub will be the primary place to access information and updates on the consultation process. You can visit the hub at




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