Capital works and sustainability

Capital Works 


The design of new schools and facilities has been aligned with effective emerging practices in teaching and learning. The planned projects will help add significant value to local communities including, employment in construction and related industries, and new infrastructure and learning opportunities.

Sydney's population is estimated to grow by around 1,000 people each week between now and 2030. This will result in the need for more houses, jobs, classrooms and services across the city. While there is enough capacity to accommodate current demand, we need to plan for the projected student populations.




Maintenance and upgrade of existing school assets is essential to be able to respond to meet student growth, provide quality learning spaces, and support implementation of new teaching methods. Approaches have been developed to work effectively with the community and other sectors to develop innovative solutions and maintain schools that meet top teaching practices, and learning needs of students



The NSW Government is a world leader in supporting environmental education and, in particular, the implementation of Agenda 21, an agreed course of action towards ecological sustainability stemming from the 1992 Earth Summit. Resources will be managed in ways that meet Government sustainability targets, goals and priorities.

Schools will continue to sustainably manage school site and resources, including energy, water, materials, and products. Grounds will be further developed to facilitate learning spaces, value natural and cultural heritage, and ensure healthy ecosystems. Additionally, the school site and resources will incorporate student sustainability learning. 


Solar system installation at Rockdale Public Schoo New solar electricity system recently installed at Rockdale Public School as part of the Resource Efficiency Program. The system will save the school approximately $6500 in electricity charges per year.


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