Participating schools

This map shows the locations of the schools. 

connected communities school map

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Boggabilla Central School

Set in attractive and expansive grounds, the school provides an extensive range of educational services to students from preschool age to adulthood in the Boggabilla, Toomelah and Goondiwindi communities. Modern facilities enable the provision of an extensive curriculum from kindergarten to TAFE.

Bourke Public School

The school, which was opened in 1976, aims to provide knowledge, develop skills and foster understandings that will help children operate effectively as members of society now and in the future. The school works closely with the local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group to improve levels of student achievement, engagement and attendance.

Bourke High School

Serving a small isolated community in the far north west of NSW, 60% of the students identify as being Aboriginal. Committed to providing a quality education in a caring, supportive and stimulating environment, the school features a strong vocational education and training focus in all years.

Brewarrina Central School

Nearly all the students in this school – based in a small rural town in far western NSW – identify as Aboriginal. The Aboriginal Student Support and Parent Awareness (ASSPA) Committee plays a significant role within the school and there is a strong emphasis on Aboriginal education and cultural awareness. 

Coonamble Public School

The school's mission statement indicates the belief that "by building strong bonds between the school, parents and the community we aim to create a caring, co-operative learning environment that develops outstanding skills, attitudes and feelings that will prepare students for their future".

Coonamble High School

The school pursues a holistic approach to learning, focused both on well-being and learning that is student centred and embedded in 21st century pedagogy. A dynamic community of learners, the school prides itself on respect for all in the community and celebrates the rich diversity of the young people.

Hillvue Public School

The school has a strong inclusive ethic, where tolerance is promoted and practised at all levels of school operation. Student learning is strongly supported by a dedicated staff and a school community that participates in the day to day running of the school.

Menindee Central School

Based in a remote community in far-western NSW, this school reflects the strong morals and values of the community. The school focuses on enhancing students' welfare, providing an appropriate curriculum, child centred teaching and learning, quality professional development of staff.

Moree East Public School

The school's statement of purpose "aims to develop each student towards being an effective person in society. Students are nurtured in a safe, supportive environment and encouraged to strive for excellence.

Moree Secondary College

The college has two campuses: Carol Avenue for year 7-9 students and Albert St for years 10 -12. Students can get a head start by choosing a vocational course as part of their HSC, or a part-time traineeship without missing out on the final years at school.

Taree Public School

The school aims to provide a balanced education for a diverse student population and is known as the "Friendly School". The focus is to prepare students so that they are motivated to learn, able to develop learning independence and demonstrate skills in literacy, numeracy and technology.

Taree High School

The school caters for 943 students from Years 7-12, including 11% Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and provides tailored programs to improve educational outcomes for students and their families. The school has a tradition of achievement in academic, sporting and artistic pursuits and has a culture which recognises and celebrates the successes of all of its students.

Toomelah Public School

Opened in 1912, the school is positioned in the heart of the Aboriginal community of Toomelah and sits alongside the Macintyre River on the NSW-QLD border. It is a Burrulbina Bamba (Strong & Smart) school with an enrolment of approximately 30 students, all of whom are Aboriginal.

Walgett Community School

This school has a strong focus on student support to improve educational outcomes. This occurs through small classes to enhance one-on-one opportunities with the teacher; the use of school learning support officers as well as many external links with universities, TAFE and local employers.

Wilcannia Central School

This isolated school, whose students are nearly all Aboriginal, has the motto: 'River of Knowledge and Learning, Ngurta Ngurtaana Paakna-na.' The school offers individual learning programs to students from K-12, Distance Education, Access Programs, Vocational Education Courses.



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