School Reference Groups

A unique feature of the Connected Communities strategy is the local school reference group, where the community collaborates with the school in decision-making about student needs and resources. 


The local school reference group advises the Executive Principal on the development, planning and implementation of the Connected Communities strategy. 

The groups operate within an overall governance structure for the Connected Communities strategy, as well as a broader departmental governance structure committed to improving the educational, social and economic well-being of Aboriginal people in NSW. 

The core membership of the group comprises the Executive Principal, the local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc (AECG) president, two parents, two Aboriginal Elders or Aboriginal community members, a Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) representative and the Leader, Community Engagement, to provide executive support. 

Inter-agency representatives can be considered locally for attending school reference groups when required and students can also be invited when required. 

The school reference group is responsible for setting the vision and direction of the school, defining local goals and aspirations, identifying student needs (socio-cultural, academic and wellbeing), curriculum development including the targeted use of resources, processes for community input, planning and application of integrated service delivery and inter-agency links and support.


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