About the strategy

Aboriginal students have dreams and goals they aspire to and we, as educators, have an obligation to make every effort to realise these ambitions.

Aboriginal parents have the same educational expectations and wants for their children as all parents have, with the assurance that it is not at the expense of their identity and culture. 

Community trust and respect is paramount to building strong and productive relationships and is a key feature of the Connected Communities strategy.

Partnerships where a shared vision is accepted and valued leads to unified commitment and action to improve the learning experience for our students. 

  • The journey so far
    The Connected Communities strategy is a whole of government reform to drive improved education outcomes for Aboriginal children and young people in some of the state's most complex and disadvantaged communities. 
  • School Reference Groups
    A unique feature of the Connected Communities strategy is the local school reference group, where the community collaborates with the school in decision-making about student needs and resources. 
  • Culture Nests
    Students at the 15 Connected Communities schools will participate in the revitalisation and maintenance of Aboriginal languages with the establishment of Aboriginal Language and Culture Nests across NSW. 


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