Principal as TAA Fact Sheet

Principal Teacher Accreditation Authority - Proficient Teacher Level 

The Great Teaching, Inspired Learning (GTIL) A blueprint for action was released in March 2013 and outlines a reform agenda for improving the quality of teaching and learning in NSW schools. Recommendation 11.3 stated that: 
The decision as to whether teachers should be accredited as Proficient should be made at the school level.
Current State Future State
Principals play a major role in the accreditation process. This includes reviewing evidence documents and reports and making recommendations to their Director, Public Schools NSW about teachers meeting the accreditation requirements at Proficient Teacher level.
The Director, Public Schools NSW is delegated as the Teacher Accreditation Authority (TAA) with responsibility for making accreditation decisions at the Proficient Teacher level.
The Executive Director, Public Schools NSW is delegated as the TAA for Highly Accomplished and Lead levels.
Commencing Semester 2 (13/07/2015) Principals will: 
  • be delegated as the TAA at Proficient Teacher level,recognising that decisions are best made by those closest to the people they affect and meeting the key objective of GTIL 11.3
  • make the accreditation decision at a local level, rather than just making the recommendation.
Directors will continue as the TAA at Proficient Teacher level for Principals. 
Delegation for making accreditation decisions at Highly Accomplished and Lead levels will remain with the relevant Executive Director at this time.

What support will be available?

During Term 2, weeks 5-10, BOSTES will travel around the state to deliver TAA information sessions for Principals, Teacher Quality Advisors and any other appropriate staff.
These sessions will be delivered in conjuction with DEC Educational Services staff and coordinated with contacts at the following locations:
  • Dubbo/Wagga Wagga
  • Macquarie Park
  • Tamworth/Coffs
  • Ultimo
Teacher Quality Advisors will provide ongoing support to Principals in the Australian Professional Standards for teachers.
The Accreditation at Proficient Teacher Procedures will be updated to reflect the delegation change and provide checklists to support the process.

Further information

Workforce Management and Development
People and Services Directorate
Cynthia Wearne, Senior Manager Quality Teaching
Phone: 9836 9091


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